They did it !

THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!

They managed to make the fast start of SA/B and combine it with the 2nd km of the reps.
Nobody can believe how happy we are. It is unbelievable.
But they did it!

Today I see the race with some guys for Galitos and Naval, simultaneous contact over the phone with Sr Jorge. The boys gave everything and we where suffering. We would like that never this team will race alone anymore in the future.

Talking about the future I see great results from this boat. The start was good today and the last 500m we managed an 41-42 - 44 SR. That was with full length strokes. It was amazing. In 2012 for sure we will go row for FA.

Biggest surprise if the day is BUL winning the 1x and SWE last in FA.
CHN out if the medals! (Guess nobody is said about that)

But let us just focus on our 2x, 8th place! Enjoy it!

I hope that for the next 4 years we can work (more frequently) together with all the clubs/coaches/athletes which helped to make this result possible.

(SPORT, RCFP, CDUP(motorboat), Naval, CIM, Ginasio, Galitos)

Thank you,

see you in 2012!

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