Aliante, a nova asa da Filippi que sai da parte de trás do remador, mais aerodinâmica e sem duvida bem mais atraente à vista!

A long queue of international rowers is waiting for test it. By the end of the year, the new carbon wing rigger fixed behind the rower and not like the more common version, towards the stern, will start his worldwide rowing tour. From Filippi Lab, our engineers assure that, the new configuration working in compression (as the 2 stays carbon riggers) will be less subject to the deformations and with a better distribution of loadings, in comparison to the old one. In particular,”Aliante” ( download the specifications) as the new wing carbon rigger has been renamed, has been drawn with twisted lines in order to improve stiffness and to optimize the sections. It will change the system of the span’s adjustment. It will be sufficient to loosen 3 bolts close to the oarlock to get the desired span. As far as the pin’s pitch is concerned, “Aliante” will rely on the versatility of the hilt (or “C”) used currently in the 2 stay carbon riggers but revised and corrected in some details.
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