O Futuro já começou!

O futuro já começou!
Estas fotos exemplificam bem a evolução sofrida pelas embarcações, nas fotos estão canoas Foilkayak e onde Nelo também já marca presença, mas no remo acontecerá algo igual ou parecido, estaremos perante uma mudança de paradigma?

Fica desde já o desafio:

Peter Ribe (above), together with Einar Rasmussen, are the two Norwegian Flyak inventors.

Rasmussen (51), a five-time Canoeing World Champion and physicist, is the man behind the idea of putting a kayak on hydrofoils.

Ribe (41), a 1993 World Championship Bronze Medallist, has been the Flyak Project´s "Test Pilot".

In Germany in 2005, Ribe completed a 1000 meter Flyak race in 2 minutes 57 seconds (Average speed of 20.1 kph).

Ribe´s main goal, training wise, for 2008 is to beat the rowing eight in a race.

To succede in this "David vs. Eight Goliaths" race, Ribe must average a speed of about 22.5 kph.

(For comparison; the Olympic 1000 meter Champion, Eirik Verås Larsen (NOR), averaged a speed of about 17.4 kph winning his 2004 Gold Medal.)

Einar Rasmussen is confident that it is possible to beat even the fastest of the rowing shells - the Eight...

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